Black BPN

Black BPN and hook which will make the players/ characters want to take it.
Size limit:
No more than 5000 words.
Deadline :
10 June - No extensions.
A copy of the Mags poster from nightfall - signed by Mags (Well me but I'll be playing Mags at the time) and with personal message to the winner or winners favorite character. So let me know who you want it signing to, and suitable subject matter for her to waffle about... :) The picture in question
As seen at the nightfall shop.
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The Apostasy
By Stewart Wilson,

Colour Designation: Black
Minimum SCL: 8
Training Package Recommended: I&I, Kick Murder
Consolidated Pay: 2000c per Squad
Contact: Malachi Ross, Department of Investigation
Coverage: Station Analysis
Summary: Locate and exterminate the CIE in Downtown Sector 4138/C. Uptown Sector 1274/C is at risk. Media bonus upon completion. Squads only.

I am Legion
by Dr Jest

Colour Designation: WHITE BPN
SCL: [as required]
Consolidated Bonus Scheme: 400c per Op
Package requirements: Any, Investigation preferred.
Contact Department of: Health and Safety
Sponsored by: Station Analysis
Summary: A number of corpses from the Necropolis have been discovered in the streets. Investigate possible malpractice at the site.

Black BPN
by stuart Keen

Colour Designation: Black
Minimum SCL: 7
Training Package Recommended: any, combat, I&I
Consolidated Pay: 5002c per Squad
Contact: Karma
Coverage: Third eye
Summary: Operatives required to pursue retrieval of Karma material. Soft Company involvement suspected.
Sponsorship deal available to successful squad.
Bonus available for good usable news footage.
Contact Dr C Moreau, Karma Head Office

Dark Night in Down Town.
by Ryan Macphail

Color: Black
Minimum SCL: 8
Training Package Recommend: I&I, Death Squad
Contact: Carlie Vershone, Karma Liaison, Dept of Health and Welfare
Consolidated Pay: 750 c per Op, squads only
Coverage: Station Analysis
Summary: Locate and reacquire research scientist from Dark Night in Downtown Sector. Reacquire notes and destroy facility. Terminate all Dark Night sympathizers encountered at facility. Bonus available, sponsorship possible.

Dahl Station
by me. But I suppose I can't really win. Still

SCL: 7
Contact: Dr Thomset at Department of environmental biology
Training Package Recommended: any,
Summary: Squad required for retrieval of data from Dahl Base in CS5.
Pay: 1K per squad member.
Coverage: Third eye

By John Dodd

SCL requirement 8
Remuneration 1000cr per op, 500 bonus for each civilian brought back in one piece.
Basic Brief Contact lost with Outpost L4-2V6, Karma research facility, operatives required to investigate cause of silence, vehicle and equipment will be provided. Bonus to be paid for safe return of the researchers.
Contact - Karma facility 47

BPN Comp results...

Marking scheme I used:

3pts available for "the hook"
5pts available for the BPN
2pts available for 'extras' - or the "Key" factor - Things in the BPN that would be useful even if the ref decides not to use the BPN as is.

Level of the entries were very high and I was very impressed. All of them were well thought out BPN's which I suspect would be fun to run and play. Hence the need to split things down a little more.

If you disagree with my conclusions...
Tough Run your own comp!

Entries and their results.
Dahl Station by me.

Hook: 0 No hook included, its not even as if the department is important enough to help out later.

BPN: 3 Like most of my BPN's its kind of lacking in conflict opportunities. Also there are no

NPC's for the squad to interact with so its hard to pass on hints if they are stuck. However I did try to make sure that everything they need is available in the situation the PC's find themselves in. Its a BPN that needs the players to think to survive. Gun bunnies might have fun blowing away in insects but otherwise they'd be screwed.

Extras:0 Everything in the BPN is focused to the BPN. Specifically so in fact - "Unique on mort ecosystem". As such there is little that would be useful out side the BPN setting.

Total: 3/10

Dance By John Dodd

Hook: 0 No hook included.

BPN: 5 This is a typical Dodd BPN which would turn into a players running around and screaming situation. I know from personal experience this is a lot of fun at a convention - though I would be less impressed if it were to happen to a character I was playing as part of a long term campaign.

Extras: 1 The music idea is a nice one - I know JD is a great fan of such "special effect"- however not every ref resorts to such cheating :). There are some nice descriptions of the locations which a ref could lift for other games, but the main bad guys are pretty much tied to this BPN.

Total: 6/10

I am Legion by Dr Jest

Hook: 1 Kind of a cheat seeing as its offered as a white rather than a black - but I suppose as an example of SLA underhandness it works.

BPN: 4 I like sealed room mysteries, and the intervention of the storm does force the squad to solve the problem rather than run away or hope for back up. The duel nature of the zombies as it should keep the squad confused, and they actually have 2 bad guys to deal with, which on a white is over kill but on a black is fine. I can see it turning into a headless chicken moment as they realise they are trapped in the necropolis with the flux activated bodies spreading... Possibility of 'defecting' to join up with bergen to take on Legion and his minions. I'm less impressed with the stigy agents turning up and the end and solving the problem. I know a few players who would feel cheated by that.

Extras: 1 Nice view of the necropolis. Could be split into 2 BPN's (one dealing with Bergen and the other sealing with Legion). Suggested BPN hook for the shivers dumping bodies.


Dark Night in Down Town. by Ryan Macphail

Hook:2 I like the lead in's especially as both could result in the PC's assuming they are infected with said nasty.

BPN: 4 Again a double cross situation. Both from the fact that Karma are lying about the true nature of the BPN, and the fact that the target doesn't actually want to be rescued. The prospect of him taking out PC's makes this worthy of a black - and the image of tek Trex in sneakers had me giggling quietly for a while. Kind of linear in a go there do that sort of way. An efficient group of players would polish this BPN of in a few hours.

Extras:1 tek Trex in sneakers :)

Total: 7/10

Black BPN by stuart Keen

Hook: 1.5 Bribing the PC's with possible sponsorship and 'freebies' would get most of them. However the hook says it needs an eb user and I seriously doubt an ebon would be interested in such offers. Most players I know would look at an obvious yellow thats become a black and be VERY suspicious rather than tempted to take it - may be they are just too paranoid.

BPN: 4 I like the double back stabbing nature of this. The karma set up dark night to look bad aspects seriously appeal to my view of SLA. Also allows the PC's to pick up LOADS of Bad info that can come back to haunt them later. Nice opportunists for street level interactions, and some very gloppy moments both in the briefing and the final attack. Could bog down badly if every one dies at the 1st lab. Excellent for a 1st try at a BPN.

Extras: 2 Could be expanded nicely into a mini campaign by including the 'little extras' in previous BPN's. Dr Moreau and Trixie Donovan are nice potentially recurring NPC's.

Total: 7.5/10

The Apostasy By Stewart Wilson,

Hook: 3. Not only did he do a 'take this or every one you know will die' explanation he also included an alternative blue which could be used to drag the PC's into the mess anyway.

BPN: 4, Could bog down if the PC's miss the clues, and is kind of linear as its written. May be some other clues to the existence of the cult and their location may have been useful, but would be fairly easy for the Ref to put in. I like the opportunity for street level and shiver interactions. Also a very good 1st attempt.

Extras: 2 - Nice view of the BPN halls in his wop. Plus the kult/gang lead by a necanthrope that could be used as bit parts in previous BPN's.


So stewart wins the poster.
Let me know your address and the character/ name you want the signing bit dedicated to.

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