Play By Mail Gaming System

D. G. S. Character generation

Note for people who like on going campaigns who have just spotted the potential limitations of this system.

Life path



Working out the points cost for each incident.

The Stats


Doing stuff.

Assigning and distributing events

This is where this system differs from most others. You now split these incidents into two groups; Past and future.
Past incidents
make up the characters history (ie. things than happened before play begins) This is fairly straight forwards and used by many games. You state the event and what result it had (E.g. parents are both olympic athletes there for the character has an athletic build, mastered in languages at college and thus is a polyglot)

Future incidents
are things that will happen during the campaign, god then takes these events and plans the game/world that the characters will encounter. This allows the players to have a great deal of influence over the world/campaign they are playing in. Also it represents the characters experience and how the character will develop as the game progresses.

Changes of future incidents can not be used until that incident has occurred. The player can turn round after any appropriate event and declare that to be the event referred to in their future. They then apply the change it results in to the character and use that skill/ contact/ whatever from then on. Knowing the vagueries of players it is possible that they will use an experince other than the one god planned round that incident. Expect this and live with it .

However it is not necessary to attach descriptive terms to future incidents until after they happen. Thus you can say the character will have a learning change involving a travelling event in the future but not define which skill they will gain until after a suitable 'travelling' event has occurred. Thus the skill may refer directly to the travel (Ride horse) or to some experience had during travelling (history- gained from talking to that interesting old man)

Because of this future events are more flexible than past events.

It is possible to have a character with no/few future events. In which case he will simply be a leaf floating on the flow of the destinies of those around him. Such a character will probably be more powerful initially than the other characters, but will not be able to improve much as events progress. (Obiwan Kenobi)

It is equally possible to have a character with no/few past events. These would be innocents suddenly swept up into the flow of their destinies and reshaped by them as the game progresses. (Luke Skywalker)

Notes on Game balance


Ok that is the basic idea, Go play. If you need any more inspriation Check out the example characters.
Feel free to take and use any you really like, but try to send ideas in return.


Play By Mail Gaming System