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This page has been kept deliberately simple to insure quick upload times.
For the fancy stuff follow the links. :) - Sue

Curriculum Vitae of Susan Ann Wilson.

This is the Cat-walk for Wilsonclan Webdesign.

It shows a variety of pages and sites that I have constructed over the years, there for please bear in mind:

Like a fashion cat walks- these ideas should be taken for inspiration and an indication of my talent. Not all of them make 'good' web pages.

The virtual sue

Written for a friend who was revising hard for his exams.
This little "clock" page simply counts 1 hour and then flashes up an alert telling him to go and have a cup of coffee and a hug.


A very simple shopping page which allows you to pick form a list of items and print out an order. This basic idea has been used in much more complex and useful form in the sla-industries character generator (URL below)

My guide for writing basic web pages

Originally written for the aria.uk.com site.

Aria web page cat walk

Now hosted on the prestel wilsonclan site, some strange ideas for web page looks I came up with. Please note the actual price information on these pages are now very out of date.

The wilsonclan home page
This is the families home page. It have been evolving for a long time.
Feel free to explore the site. Please note: much of it is the archives for the Play By E-Mail games I ran which dealt with 'adult' issues.
I use http://www.rsac.org ratings across all areas of my site to ensure such material is not accessible by minors.

"Pandora's box of SLA."

A fan site where I host fiction and art work produced by members of the Station Analysis mailing list.

URL's showing more of my work on other sites.


A JavaScript powered fan site for Nightfall's SLA industries RPG.

A related feature can be found on http://datastorm.sla-net.com/


A JavaScript powered character generator I wrote for the Nightfall official SLA Industries site.


CBD research are a publishing house in London. They collate directories of organizations and much of their time is spent sending out forms to the groups they deal with and chasing them up. As well as providing information on their publications this site is also designed to allow interested parties to submit these forms online.

Should you want any more information on any thing you see here,
or want to know what I can do to help you, feel free to mail me: