Hazard Check list

Date & Time
Person carrying out check
OK Not okArea
Gutters and drain pipes secure and undamaged.
No visible damage to walls/ doors/ roofs etc.
Drains cleared and covered
No standing water
All glass on windows/ doors intact
Outside play areas free of rubbish, animal faeces, sharps etc
Equipment in good working order
Fences and hedges safe and with no sharps
Paths clear of obstruction.
Emergency exits unlocked and escape routes clear
Doors in good order,
all locks and delay closures working
Windows in good order with working window locks
All guard/ shutters in good working order
Floors clean and dry
Surfaces/ tables clean and dry, especially in the kitchen
Cooking and food storage facilities clean, dry and free from spillage
All waste bins cleared and cleaned
Toilets cleaned and in good working order
Sinks and basins clean and in good working order
Adequate supply of toilet paper/ paper towels etc
Heating system in good working order
Radiators set to safe temperature
All safety guards (e.g. Fire/ stair/ plug) working and correctly affixed.
All electrical switches and sockets, including lights, in working order.
CoSHH covered materials (e.g. cleaning materials) locked away
Emergency procedures (e.g. fire and first aid) displayed clearly
Fire fighting equipment in place and up to date
Alarms (e.g panic button, smoke alarms) tested
First aid box fully equipped
Accident book up to date.

Detail any Further actions required in Hazard report