Javascript powered resources for SLA players/Refs.

  1. The SLA character generator..
    These pages are designed to take the pain in the butt maths side out of character gen. They consist of a number of forms where you can chop and change things about the character whilst the page does all the adding up and stuff.
    When you are happy it will produce a HTML version of the character sheet that you can save and put up on your own site, or simply print out for use in game.
    When you start this part of the site it will also open up a small sup window. This window expalins how to use the pages in more detail as well as a few hints and tips for non standard characters.
    The images and credits for them can be found here.
  2. New Improved The Random BPN generator. expanded by Roger Willcocks to give more names, more BPN's and a contact number:)
    Put simply it generates the BPN cards which you can print out and hand to your players. You have to do all the turning it into a scenario bit, but for the inspirationally challenged, or should a ref want loads of crap BPNs to offer to force them to do the job you want them to do, it might be a help.
    Should you use this and make a scenario off it, let me know how it goes.
    The Zip of this new version is here.
  3. The random N.P.C. generator.
    This produces random N.P.C. style characters, including their Name,Race,Sex,Packages,Stats, Significant Skills and a physical description.
    The Page can also be used to create groups of people, and by using the same 'random or not' selection of the page, the race/package/sex etc. of the group can be chosed.
  4. The Big Sla Site.
    And Idea I have for a BIG sla site which would act as a BPN/Squad/news report clearing hose to provide inspiration for your games.
    It is now pretty much in existance at and I am always looking for new stuff for it.