Wilsonclan one page games...

An assortment of role playing games which fit on 1 page of A4. To download the PDF's click on the links below.

FREEK! is a role-playing game set in Freekland, the marvelous dimension visited by F***ed- Up Hippies who have taken too many drugs.
Imaginary Friends
Imaginary Friends is an RPG where the players take the part of the imaginary creatures that inhabit a child’s fantasy world.
Copz was created by Gary Findlay.
Copz is a role play game set in Murder City. Here every TV cop / detective show you have ever seen is filmed and fed to the rest of the planet as "fiction". You are the thin blue line, the donut eating coffee drinking, misogynistic protectors of truth and justice in Murder City, the brave boys (and sometimes girls) of the MCPD.

We would appreciate some feed back on these ideas. Please mail us at games@wilsonclan.org.uk with your feedback